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Boldt is home to a small, but successful competitive dance program. Our team has competed across the region, having won countless trophies, choreography awards, costume awards and more! Not only do we want to encourage dancers to increase their skill through competitive dance, but also to show off their love of dance.

Joining the competitive team is usually by invitation, however if your dancer is interested in competing, please reach out. If dancers do not meet the competitive standard at the time, we will encourage them to continue training while focusing on building their skills in our recreational program. Dancers in our recreational program still have the opportunity to perform on stage at our year end recital.

Dancers in the intermediate and teen groups are required to take our Competitive Core class. This is a class designed to focus on strength, stamina, skills and teamwork. Dancers receive their competitive team jacket as part of registration in this class. If dancers already have a jacket that fits from a previous year, other custom clothing can be chosen in lieu. Dancers who are registered in the competitive stream are then invited to participate in a variety of routines (as chosen by choreographers), and then  parents and dancers are given the opportunity to choose what fits their time and financial abilities. Dancers are strongly encouraged to take at least one technical class in their age group, such as ballet or jazz. This will help them build the foundations of dance that judges are looking for when on stage.


Competing is a time and a financial commitment, and we believe that you should be fully aware of all costs associated with participating in this program.


Financial Commitment:
- We attend 3 competitions per season, usually 2 away and 1 local.
- Each routine that your dancer participates in has an entry fee attached to it in order to participate in that competition.
- 3 competitions means 3 entry fees per routine.  
- For routines that are not choreographed in class, there are choreography fees that are to be paid to the individual choreographer. We will not know what routines are choregraphed in class until partway through the fall as we assess skill and fit for each dancer.
- There are costume fees associated with each competitive routine.

Time Commitment:
- Choreography is usually completed outside of class time so availability on weekends is a must.
- There are attendance expectations and requirements associated with being on the competitive team. If dancers miss more than 5 classes in any style of dance that they are competing in (including Competitive Core class) or more than 3 rehearsals for a routine they are competing in, they will be excluded from competing.
- Dancers are part of a team and when everyone does not put in equal effort, the whole team suffers.


If your dancer is interested in competing, please reach out!

Pre-Competitive Program

We also offer the opportunity for younger dancers (Novice age group) to compete as part of our Pre-Competitive Team. Dancers are invited to participate in a routine that will compete at a local competition. Dancers who wish to prepare for competitive programming are encouraged to take part in ballet or jazz classes to further develop their skills and coordination.  If you wish to know more about how to best prepare your dancer for the competitive program, please reach out to us.



As a small business, we feel that it's important to give back to our community. We try to support several community agencies in the Brockville area either by volunteering our time, or donations. We also work in partnership with several local community agencies to provide dance to individuals who otherwise might not be offered the opportunity.

We partner with or support the following local community agencies:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Leeds & Grenville

  • Brockville & Area Foodbank

  • Spirit of Giving

  • Developmental Services of Leeds & Grenville

  • Lanark, Leeds & Grenville Addictions & Mental Health Services

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